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Wild West Rangers (1)

Written by Mark Litton
Directed by Armand Garabidian
First aired May 8, 1995
Production code 251
Episode number Season 2
Episode 50
Previous episode Storybook Rangers, Part II
Next episode Wild West Rangers, Part II
Series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers


Tommy gives Kimberly a cactus for her garden. When Rita and Zedd steal the plant, the Rangers teleport to the Command Center to find out why. On the way Kimberly is propelled into a time hole and ends up Angel Grove, circa 1800, where she meets the great, great grandparents of the Rangers. Rita and Zedd create the Needle Nose Monster out of Kimberly’s cactus and decide to send it back to the Old West in order to destroy Earth in the time before the Rangers existed. The Rangers are unable to stop Goldar, Needle Nose and the Putties from breaking through the time hole and threatening Kimberly and the world.