Zeo Zords

Consisting of Zeo Zords I, II, III, IV and V, these Zords are the most advanced technologies used on Earth to date.

Zeo Zord I is controlled by Pink Ranger, and uses Cannon Power. It can also fire missiles. Zeo Zord II is controlled by Yellow Ranger, and has powerful blasters armed at its side. Both of these Zords are pulled along by Zeo Zords III and IV, modelled on the Sphinx and the Taurus. Zeo Zord V is controlled by Red Ranger, and is modelled on the phoenix.

Zeo Megazord 

Zeo Megazord 
The Zeo Megazord was created thanks to Zordon, Billy and Alpha V. The five Zeo Zords were hidden in the UAOH hanger in the snowy mountains outside Angel Grove, to protect them from Mondo's searches. The Zeo Megazord was unique as it could take on the attributes of each Rangers individual Zord, in the form...

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