Mystic Morpher

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Series Power Rangers Mystic Force

When the Rangers were presented with their Mystic Wands, they were uneasy at the prospect of carrying such an obvious looking device. In order to allow the Rangers to carry the wands without arousing suspicion, Udonna altered the Wands’ appearance so they would blend in with normal life.

The Mystic Morphers appear as clam-shell cell phones, which are kept in small brown leather pouches, attached to each Ranger teens’ belt. At the press of a button, the Morpher can flip out into Wand mode, whereby the Rangers can perform an array of magical spells. In order to cast a spell, the Rangers must enter the appropriate spellcode into the Morpher by dialling a specific combination into the Morpher. Each number on the keypad represents a spellword. Entering a number in a sequence forms a spell. The most common spellcodes are as follows;

Code Spell Action
1 2 3 Galwit Mysto Ranger Morph into Mystic Ranger
1 2 4 Galwit Mysto Motro Summon Mystic Speeder
1 2 5 Galwit Mysto Prifior Morph into Mystic Titan
1 2 6 Galwit Mysto Unious Activate Titan Megazord
1 2 9 Galwit Mysto Aerotan Summon Mystic Racer
0 8 6 Nermax Tryn Unios Activate Mystic Fighters
1 0 Galwit Nermax Activate Mystic Muscles
1 2 0 Galwit Mysto Nermax Mystic Legend Warrior


1 – Galwit 2 – Mysto 3 – Ranger
4 – Motro 5 – Prifior 6 – Unios
7 – Du 8 – Tryn 9 – Aerotan
?? 0 – Nermax ??