Red Dragon Fire Ranger

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Series Power Rangers Mystic Force

During his many training sessions, Nick Russell was told that his destiny as The Light depended on discovering his connection to Fire Heart. It was only when the hunter Oculous had picked off the rest of the team one by one, that Nick finally understood what he was supposed to do. Thanks to a pep-talk with Phineas, Nick faced Oculous, Necrolai and and army of Hideacs alone. When they attacked, Nick called on the Fierce Dragon Morpher, and used his power as The Light to merge with the fully grown Fire Heart.

Merged with Fire Heart, the Red Legend Warrior takes on many of the skills as well as attributes of the dragon. The Red Dragon Fire Ranger becomes protected with dragon-scale armour, and even gains the ability to fly freely thanks to a pair of large retractable wings.

For close combat, the Red Dragon Fire Ranger is equipped with two powerful Fierce Dragon Battle Staffs. Similar to the Magi Staffs, these batons are capable of fire powerful energy blasts or repelling enemy fire. When used in hand-to-hand combat, they are capable of delivering powerful blunt-force shock-waves, which are so strong, that they can throw an enemy dozens of feet away.