Manticore Megazord 

The Mystic Legend Warrior Mode needs Mystic Titans of appropriate power. To that end, the Rangers can access the forms required to create Manticore Megazord.

The Red Ranger can transform into the Mystic Firebird, while the other four Rangers morph together to form the Mystic Lion. While the Zords are formidable on their own, they are far stronger in Megazord Mode.

For long range battles, the Megazord can barrage opponents with laser blasts from its torso or flaming wings. For short range encounters, the powerful Manticore Megazord can slash at opponents with its massive claws or battle with its personal weapon, the Legend Striker. The Legend Striker is a giant staff with a long blade on its end, which is capable of finishing off enemies with its Legend Striker Spin Attack.

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