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Mega Fury Saber

The Mega Fury Saber is the special control device of the Dino Fury Megazord.
First seen Lost Signal
Last seen
Series Power Rangers Dino Fury

When piloting the Dino Fury Megazord, the Rangers can summon a special control device called the Mega Fury Saber. The saber is a large, serrated blade, gold in color with a silver handle. It is substantially larger than the Chromafury Sabers which are used to control the Zords.

A Ranger can use the Mega Fury Saber to perform the Megazord’s Mega Slash attack, which charges the sword of the Zord with energy, which can then be used to cut down giant sized Sporix beasts. The energy from one of these attacks is capable of reverting the Sporix back to its larval form. [PRDF: “Lost Signal”]