A Bad Reflection on You

Written by Peggy Nicoll
Directed by Robert Hughes
First aired November 27, 1993
Production code 138
Episode number Season 1
Episode 38
Previous episode Clean-Up Club
Next episode Doomsday, Part I
Series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers


This may be Rita’s most diabolical play yet. She sends to Earth five exact replicas of the Power Rangers. These Rangers are evil and they soon frame the real Power Rangers with their wrong doings. The citizens of Angel Grove have lost confidence in the Rangers and it seems like a real dark day in the life of Angel Grove. When the real Power Rangers are alerted by Zordon, they set out to fight their evil twins as they must foil Rita’s plan quickly in order to exonerate themselves. The Good Rangers battle and defeat their evil twins, who turn out to be Rita’s Putties, except for the evil Jason. He turns out to be the Knight in Shiny Mirrors. He creates an illusion which makes everything look like a kaleidoscope. He blasts the Power Rangers and they struggle to get up. They call on their weapons and form the Mega Gun. They fire and destroy the Knight in Shiny Mirrors.