Birds of a Feather

Written by Julianne Klemm
Directed by Robert Hughes
First aired November 22, 1993
Production code 136
Episode number Season 1
Episode 36
Previous episode The Green Candle, Part II
Next episode Clean-Up Club
Series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers


Zack is preparing Cameron, his 12 year old protege, for a ninjitsu competition. As soon as the tournament is about to begin Zack has to bail out to answer a more pressing call because Rita has sent another monster. Cameron resents Zack’s sudden abandonment and his confidence begins to sag. Zack has no choice but to answer to Zordon. This time Rita has sent a gigantic monster, named The Hatchisaurus. It is controlled by an ultra intelligent computer named Cardiotron. The only way to destroy it is to get inside the Hatchisaurus and destroy Cardiotron. Jason gets inside the Hatchling and faces Cardiotron. Cardiotron ferociously defends himself. Jason advances with all his might and hits Cardiotron with his sword. The Hatchisaurus gradually begins to weaken. Jason calls on the Ultrazord and commands it to fire on the Hatchisaurus. It is immediately destroyed, causing Rita another migraine.