The Green Candle (2)

Written by Gary Glasberg, Stewart St. John
Directed by Robert Hughes
First aired November 18, 1993
Production code 135
Episode number Season 1
Episode 35
Previous episode The Green Candle, Part I
Next episode Birds of a Feather
Series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers


Tommy manages to escape from the Dark Dimension by snatching Goldar’s sword and tapping it twice on the ground. However, the candle is still burning and slowly draining Tommy’s powers. The only way to stop Rita from gaining the Green Ranger’s power is for someone to go into the Dark Dimension and retrieve the candle. Tommy feels it is his duty to be the one to go, but Zordon warns that if Tommy touches the candle it will speed the process and drain his power more quickly. Jason volunteers. Tommy reluctantly agrees. With the help of molecular decoders, they find the portal entrance into the Dark Dimension. Once Jason is in the dimension he must face off Goldar, who is fiercely protecting the candle.

In the meantime, Rita has sent Cyclops disguised as Megadragonzord to attack Angel Grove Tommy begs Zordon to go and defend the city even if his Zord is only running on limited power. Zordon tells the rest of the team to abort the mission and help Tommy before he loses his life. Zack goes into the Dark Dimension to retrieve Jason. Jason vows to Goldar that he’ll come for the candle. The team reunites and forms the Ultrazord to defeat the Cyclops. When they return to the Command Center, they receive the terrible news that the candle has burned out and Tommy has lost his power. But, all is not lost because they must transfer The Green Ranger’s Power coin to another Ranger so Rita won’t access his power. Faced with this tough, but only choice, Tommy relinquishes his coin to Jason. Thus The Green Ranger comes to an end.