Crystal of Nightmares

Written by Shuki Levy, Douglas Sloan
Directed by Robert Hughes
First aired February 14, 1994
Production code 144
Episode number Season 1
Episode 45
Previous episode Lions and Blizzards
Next episode To Flea or Not to Flee
Series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers


When the Power Rangers go up to Billy’s uncle’s mountain resort to study for their science test, Goldar seizes the opportunity of having them altogether to call on the Crystal of Nightmares. With this evil crystal, he enters each of the Power Rangers dreams and causes them to have nightmares about being failures as super heroes. This results in them losing their self-confidence. Zordon tells them that the only way they can overcome their fears is by believing in themselves and destroying the Crystal of Nightmares that is hidden in Goldar’s Cavern of Destruction. Jason succeeds in entering the cave, and he destroys the crystal. The Power Rangers regain their self-confidence and defeat the Putties who are guarding the cave. Much to Rita’s disdain, Goldar’s plan is foiled again.