Doomsday (2)

Written by Stewart St. John
Directed by Terence H. Winkless
First aired November 30, 1993
Production code 140
Episode number Season 1
Episode 40
Previous episode Doomsday, Part I
Next episode Rita’s Seed of Evil
Series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers


The Power Zords are re-entering after taking a fierce beating from Cyclopsus. Lokar and the resurrected Cyclopsus set forth to destroy Angel Grove. The Power Teens will likely go and fight the monster, but Zordon warns that the Zords will not be ready for another twelve hours. But the Rangers feel they may not have another twelve hours before the citizens of Angel Grove will be trapped in the dimension. The Power Rangers unanimously agree to take the monsters on at half the power. They take a nasty blow from Lokar, and Rita blows a nasty bolt that jams the frequency on the communicators. They have no way of contacting command base. Billy suggests they return to his garage where he can repair the communicators.

In his garage, Billy frantically tries to unscramble the frequency when Goldar makes a sudden appearance. The teens try to hold him off. Just in the nick of time, Billy manages to transport everyone to unlimited access to his files. He has found a way to finish Rita off once and for all. He gives them an urn, and an incantation has to be recited within a ten foot distance of Rita so that she will be trapped inside forever. The Power Teens forge on. They get close to Rita as Jason recites the incantation. Rita and her minions are trapped inside the urn forever. The crows reappear at the Park. Zordon tells the Power Teens they are free to go back to civilian life since Rita has been defeated. They unanimously agree to stay Power Rangers and fight other villains to the end.