Food Fight

Written by Cheryl Saban
Directed by Robert Hughes
First aired September 4, 1993
Production code 106
Episode number Season 1
Episode 6
Previous episode Different Drum
Next episode Big Sisters
Series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers


The kids are all set for a cultural food festival at the Youth Center to raise money and buy equipment for the Angel Grove playground. Everything seems to be going well until Bulk, and his dimwit sidekick Skull, almost ruin everything by initiating a food fight. This gives Rita Repulsa an idea. She commissions a monster to destroy the Earth’s food supply. Finster creates an overgrown pig named Pudgy Pig who will eat everything in sight. The Power Rangers try to stop the Pig before he destroys the food festival, but it’s too late. Pudgy Pig has even eaten their weapons.

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