Different Drum

Written by Julianne Klemm
Directed by Jeff Reiner
First aired September 10, 1993
Production code 105
Episode number Season 1
Episode 5
Previous episode A Pressing Engagement
Next episode Food Fight
Series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers


This time Rita has commissioned Finster, a monster, to use and play mind control music. Finster makes a suggestion for the Gnarly Gnome, a kind of Pied Piper that hypnotizes by playing some hideous accordion music. Before Rita can object, Finster activates the Monster-matic and Gnarly Gnome is created. Back at the youth center, Kimberly is teaching a dance class. Afterwards some of the girls are hypnotized by the Gnarly Gnome except one girl, Melissa, who is totally deaf. Melissa follows the zombie-like girls into Rita’s cave.

Rita is irritated by the Gnome’s mistake in capturing the girls when he was supposed to capture the Power Rangers. Melissa runs back to the Youth Center extremely terrified. She warns Jason about what she has just seen and he summons the Power Rangers to investigate. The Rangers follow Melissa back to the cave. Kimberly hides Melissa in a secure place so the Power Rangers can safely morph. After an intense fight, they defeat the Gnarly Gnome by engaging the Power Blaster and eliminating him.