Foul Play in the Sky

Written by Shuki Levy
Directed by Shuki Levy
First aired September 22, 1993
Production code 110
Episode number Season 1
Episode 14
Previous episode Peace, Love and Woe
Next episode Dark Warrior
Series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers


Rita, jealous of Kimberly’s beauty, brings forth a poisonous apple to put Kimberly asleep forever. No one can be more beautiful than Rita Repulsa. Finster manages to switch an apple that Kimberly is about to eat with the poisonous apple. Kimberly eats the apple and soon collapses. With one Power Ranger down, Rita sends Snizard Lips to finish off the rest. Snizard Lips manages to slither around the Power Rangers and grasps so tight they can’t move. It’s up to Kimberly to save them, if she could just wake up.

Alpha tries everything to no avail, until he resorts back to the fairy tale “Snow White.” He kisses Kimberly on the forehead and she immediately wakes up. Before Kimberly sets off to rescue the Rangers, Zordon tells her to remove the apple on Snizard Lips’ head to deplete him of his powers. Kimberly manages to hit a bullseye into the apple with her bow and arrow. Snizard Lips is now helpless. The Power Rangers are free, and with the aid of the Supergun, Snizard Lips is obliterated.

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