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Green With Evil (1): Out of Control

Written by Gary Glasberg, Stewart St. John
Directed by Robert Hughes
First aired October 5, 1993
Production code 114
Episode number Season 1
Episode 17
Previous episode Switching Places
Next episode Green with Evil, Part II: Jason’s Battle
Series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers


Rita has in her possession a power coin. It is the same coin which the Power Rangers use to summon their powers. Rita decides to use the coin to form the Green Ranger. He is 17 year-old Tommy, the object of Kimberly’s desire. With the Green Ranger in Rita’s control, he penetrates the command base, turns off Zordon’s communication devices and wreaks havoc on Alpha’s circuitry.

The Green Ranger then teams up with Goldar to fight off the rest of the Power Rangers. The forces of Goldar combined with the Green Ranger prove too much for the team so they head back to the Command Center for Zordon’s guidance only to discover the place in total shambles. With Zordon and Alpha out of commission, the Rangers realize they must figure things out on their own.