Switching Places

Written by Shuki Levy, Steve Kramer
Directed by Jeff Reiner
First aired October 4, 1993
Production code 108
Episode number Season 1
Episode 16
Previous episode Dark Warrior
Next episode Green with Evil, Part I: Out of Control
Series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers


Billy’s invention in mind reading goes haywire causing Billy and Kimberly to switch personalities. The results are hilarious as Kimberly, the queen of makeup, attempts to operate a computer and Billy, now in Kimberly’s mind, has to apply mascara. In the meantime Rita’s cronies conjure up a Genie in a magic lamp who gets caught in a tug of war between the Rangers and Rita. When Rita’s cronies have control of the lamp, the Power Rangers are blasted by a laser beam from the Genie. Zack manages to take the lamp away from Rita’s cronies during the struggle.

Now, with the lamp in the Rangers’ possession, the Genie is on the Rangers side. Rita tries to persuade the Genie to join her side. When the Genie refuses, she blows his lamp away. Rita reappears with another lamp, while the Rangers and Alpha try to fix the old one. With Rita’s new lamp, the Genie is once again under Rita’s control. Alpha finds the missing piece to the lamp, and the Genie is sucked into his original lamp. Before Rita can use her lamp the Power Rangers blow her lamp to pieces. The Genie is now in the Ranger’s control for good.

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