Gung Ho!

Written by Mark Hoffmeier
Directed by Robert Hughes
First aired October 25, 1993
Production code 124
Episode number Season 1
Episode 26
Previous episode Life’s a Masquerade
Next episode Wheel of Misfortune
Series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers


Jason and Tommy are getting ready for the Team Ninja competition finals. However, the two seem to spend more time outdoing each other and bickering than working together on some kind of strategy. Meanwhile, her Repulsiveness, has made a new army of indestructible Super-Putties. She has also created a replica of Frankenstein monster – made of super putty. These new Putties are more than our teenage heroes bargained for, so Zordon sends Jason and Tommy to find weapons that will destroy these Putties.

It is a test in teamwork for both Jason and Tommy. They put their bickering aside, and set out to find the weapons. The rest of the Rangers are getting pounded and cornered by these New Super Putties. It looks like the Rangers are in a real jam, until Jason and Tommy appear with the new weapons and destroy the Putties. Rita has increased the size of the Super Frankenstein to one hundred feet tall. With their new weapons, the Power Rangers concentrate their fire power and Super Frankenstein is defeated.

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