Lions and Blizzards

Written by Shuki Levy, Douglas Sloan
Directed by Robert Hughes
First aired February 14, 1994
Production code 142
Episode number Season 1
Episode 44
Previous episode Something Fishy
Next episode Crystal of Nightmares
Series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers


The Power Ranger teens compete in their high school Oddball Games and win the coveted Noble Lion Trophy. The Trophy, however, is stolen by Bulk and Skull who soon regret their actions when Rita casts a spell on it and turns it into her evil half-goat, half-lion monster, the “Chimera”. The Chimera is one of Rita’s most evil monsters ever–it can control the weather to extremes and cause extensive damage with it. Rita plans to destroy earth once and for all. Because Zack is at a loud movie with Angela and cannot hear his communicator, the other Power teens must fight the Chimera monster without him.

Finally, just when the monster traps the four Rangers in a tornado, Zordon is able to contact Zack, who deserts Angela at the theater. Zack morphs into Black Ranger and comes to the rescue of his fellow rangers. When Rita makes Chimera grow, the five rangers call on Megazord power and defeat Rita’s evil creation. Unfortunately, as a result of abandoning her, Zack’s social life with Angela is back to square one.