Power Ranger Punks

Written by Mark Hoffmeier
Directed by David Blyth
First aired September 20, 1993
Production code 121
Episode number Season 1
Episode 12
Previous episode No Clowning Around
Next episode Peace, Love, and Woe
Series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers


During a break at the park, the Power Rangers are attacked by Putties. While they are being distracted, Baboo manages to slip a few drops of a potion into their drinks. After the Putty fight is over, a thirsty Kimberly and Billy chug down their drinks, turning from good to evil. Rita sends down Terror Toad, a monster whose favorite food is teenagers. Zordon says the only way to reverse the effects of the potion is to drink the sap of the Singing Squash, a squash that sings bad opera. Zordon sends Alpha to retrieve the squash, since Billy and Kimberly are incapacitated and Terror Toad has just swallowed Trini and Zack.

Jason is the only one left to fend off the Terror Toad and Zordon tells him that the Toad’s weakest point is the horn under his chin. It’s up to Alpha to get the squash, who slowly makes his way through the dimensional vortex of the singing squash. He almost has one, but then he is suddenly attacked by Putties. The obnoxious singing of the squash is too much for the Putties and they disappear. Alpha hurries back to the Command Center and gives the sap to Kimberly and Billy. They snap out of it and join Jason to defeat the Toad. The swallowed Rangers are free. Kimberly fires her bows rapidly at the Toad hiting his weak spot. The Toad falls down. Kimberly aims one final blow right into the Toad’s mouth defeating him.