Return of an Old Friend (1)

Written by Shell Danielson
Directed by Worth Keeter
First aired February 28, 1994
Production code 149
Episode number Season 1
Episode 49
Previous episode Plague of the Mantis
Next episode Return of an Old Friend, Part II
Series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers


When all of the Power Rangers parents gather at the Youth Center for Parents Day, Rita seizes the opportunity to create the “Dramole Monster” which traps all the parents in her Dimension of Darkness. She is convinced that the Power Rangers will surrender their powers to save their parents from doom. Phase two of Rita’s operation is to control the Dragonzord. When a tardy Billy arrives at the empty Youth Center, he is engulfed by the toxic fumes of the Dramole and falls under Rita’s evil spell. Rita commands Billy to lead her to the Dragon Dagger. Under her influence, Billy goes to the Command Center, deactivates Alpha, steals the Dragon Dagger and brings it to Goldar’s dark dimension.

The other Power Rangers morph to the dimension and try to thwart Billy from giving the dagger to Goldar. Billy comes out of Rita’s spell, but it’s too late, he’s already handed Goldar the dagger. Goldar plays the dagger and the Dragonzord materializes and starts destroying the city. Together, the five rangers and their zords try to thwart Dragonzord. But when the Dragonzord crashes the Megazord, they have no choice but to bail out. Goldar orders them to surrender their power coins…or they will never see their parents again! Zordon cannot make this decision for the Rangers. It’s up to them and they collectively decide that their parents are more important to them than their powers. In the Command Center, the saddened Rangers realize that they still have one coin left…Tommy’s!