The Yolk’s on You!

Written by Cheryl Saban
Directed by Terence H. Winkless
First aired November 16, 1993
Production code 133
Episode number Season 1
Episode 33
Previous episode A Star is Born
Next episode The Green Candle, Part I
Series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers


The Power Teens are rehearsing for a talent show. Tommy and Jason are rehearsing a karate exhibition, Zack is practicing juggling eggs while Bulk and Skull plan to switch them into soft boiled eggs. In the meantime, Finster has prepared another monster, Fang, to destroy the Power Teens and sends him down to Earth. Tommy, aware that he doesn’t have the black belts that they are supposed to wear for the show, sets out to fetch them, but he is attacked by Putties who snatch his power belt and use it to lead Tommy into a trap. Zordon summons the rest of the Power Rangers and shows them Tommy trapped inside a net. Their first priority is to take care of Fang.

The Power Rangers and their Dinozords try to battle Fang, but Fang has now teamed up with Goldar. If Tommy could be free of the net, he could lend a helping hand to the Power Rangers and, when he finally frees himself from the net, he morphs calling his Dragonzord. They all then form the Megadragonzord. Fang gives the Zord a heavy blow causing it to falter and Megadragonzord disengages and Jason’s Tyrannosaurus comes to the aid of Dragonzord. Jason calls on the Power Sword and with a shimmery light coming from the sword, Fang is completely destroyed. In the end, the talent show is a success with Bulk getting the “yolk” all over him when his practical joke backfires.

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