Red Ranger meets fans at Palahniuks

The Red Ranger from the hit kids TV show Mighty Morphin Power Rangers stopped by Palahniuks Toys and Comics. Whilst he wasn’t there to save the world, Steve Cardenas did have time to meet fans of all ages who grew up watching him fight intergalactic evil. He also played the Blue Ranger in the Zeo Power Rangers series.

Steve said:

“I’m friends with the Palahniuks guys and they knew I was coming to the UK so we thought we’d do a little event here. This was my first time in Swindon and it seems like a lovely town. It’s great to meet people who grew up watching the show and kids whose parents used to watch it and have passed it on to them, so even the new generation knows who Rocky is. It’s great travelling all over the world and meeting fans like this. If these guys want to do another event here we could set one up.”

Owner of Palahnikus Ryan Dickson said:

“This is our first signing, it’s quite a big deal for us. We had a couple of rushes with people coming in all at once to see him and we’ve had new customers in who didn’t know we were here which is worth its weight in gold.”

Michelle Crowley, a member of staff, said:

“This was quite successful and a nice treat for our customers. We grew up watching him so it’s exciting!”

Original article, Connor Mountford

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