To Flea or Not to Flee

Written by Shuki Levy, Douglas Sloan
Directed by Robert Hughes
First aired February 14, 1994
Production code 146
Episode number Season 1
Episode 46
Previous episode Crystal of Nightmares
Next episode Reign of the Jellyfish
Series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers


While the teens are discussing the sad possibility that Ernie may have to close down the Youth Center due to financial problems, Jason shows up with an adorable stray dog. Unbeknown to him, Rita sends down her Fighting Flea monster and plants it on the doggie. Jason gets bitten by the flea and cannot stop itching. Billy must come up with an antidote quickly before Jason itches himself to oblivion, allowing Rita to defeat the Rangers.

Meanwhile, the other teens must find the doggie before the flea infects anyone; it’s been dognapped by Bulk and Skull, who hope to cash in on the reward offered by its owner for its return. Fortunately, Billy comes up with the antidote in time. Jason’s itching subsides and the Rangers, with Megazord power, are able to defeat the nasty Fighting Flea. The stray dog ends up with Ernie, who receives a large cash reward from his matronly owner. Ernie uses the money to save the Juice Bar from going under.