A Monster of Global Proportions

Written by Douglas Sloan
Directed by Jerry P. Jacobs
First aired November 5, 1994
Production code 226
Episode number Season 2
Episode 25
Previous episode The Ninja Encounter, Part III
Next episode Zedd Waves
Series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers


The Youth Center is holding its first World Teen Summit, which Lord Zedd believes is his window of opportunity to steal the Power Rangers’ Power Coins and capture the teen delegates for his own control. During a game of soccer in the park, they are attacked by Putties and Goldar, appearing to the teen delegates, intimidates and captures them. Zedd delivers a clear message via parachute: turn in the Power Coins or you’ll never see the teen delegates again. Goldar receives the coins, but does not release the delegates. The joke, however, is on him, as the coins are cheap imitations. The Power Rangers morph, free the delegates and then in full force defeat the monster Zedd created from a four-headed peace statue.