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Bloom of Doom

Written by Cheryl Saban
Directed by John Stewart
First aired September 17, 1994
Production code 206
Episode number Season 2
Episode 6
Previous episode Putty on the Brain
Next episode The Green Dream
Series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers


Kimberly’s sudden nastiness alarms the Power Rangers. During new club week at the Youth Center, a Putty switches Kimberly’s cactus plant with a poisonous one. Lord Zedd sends BLOOM OF DOOM to Kimberly’s garden to spew fiery pollen. The Power Rangers morph and Zordon gives Kimberly a special weapon — a ribbon which she uses to wrap around the monster like a vine. Trini tries to obliterate BLOOM OF DOOM with her Power Dagger, but the monster disappears instantly. BLOOM OF DOOM grabs Kimberly with its vines and traps her in a cactus-like dimension. Trini throws her dagger to break the spell, and the BLOOM enlarges. The Power Rangers form Mega Thunderzord, and, with the Mighty Power Sword, destroy the flower in a blizzard of sparks.