Blue Ranger Gone Bad

Written by Judd Lynn
Directed by John Weil
First aired May 20, 1995
Production code 249
Episode number Season 2
Episode 52
Previous episode Wild West Rangers, Part II
Next episode A Friend in Need, Part I
Series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers


In art class, Tommy has a hard time making his sculpture look like anything but a blob. Violet, a shy girl in class, shows her affection for Billy by sculpting a realistic statue of him. Rita and Zedd capture the statue and bring it to life, creating an evil version of Billy to infiltrate the Power Rangers. Billy is kidnapped by Goldar and brought to Dark Dimension, while the Evil Billy steals the other teen’s morphers and communicators. Billy is able to escape the Dark Dimension and the impostor is revealed as a fraud. Billy defeats the Evil Blue Ranger. Rita and Zedd turn Tommy’s sculpture into the Vase Face monster who is ultimately destroyed by the Thunder Megazord.