Green No More (2)

Written by Stewart St. John
Directed by John Stewart
First aired September 28, 1994
Production code 213
Episode number Season 2
Episode 13
Previous episode Green No More, Part I
Next episode Missing Green
Series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers


An energy field surrounds the Command Center and threatens its destruction. A nearly beaten Tommy, humiliated by Goldar by watching past battles on a special TV Time Screen, recovers the Time Screen control and points it at Goldar, who instantly disappears. Zordon warns the Power Rangers that only a non-Ranger could penetrate Zedd’s Otherworld undetected. Tommy volunteers, catches Zedd off guard and destroys the crystal. The Dark Rangers are stripped of their power and sent back to Earth. Tommy returns with the morphers, but Zordon reveals that the only way to defeat Turban Shell is to get inside and fill him with intense heat, followed by a blast of cool air. Tommy destroys Turban Shell, but he has now completely exhausted his powers and returns to being a civilian.