Missing Green

Written by Ellen Levy-Sarnoff, Daniel J. Sarnoff
Directed by John Stewart
First aired October 3, 1994
Production code 215
Episode number Season 2
Episode 14
Previous episode Green No More, Part II
Next episode Orchestral Maneuvers in the Park
Series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers


Jason is having trouble concentrating on an upcoming Karate tournament because he feels an overwhelming sense of guilt for Tommy’s loss of powers and sets out to find Tommy at his Uncle’s cabin. Now that Jason is elsewhere, Lord Zedd empowers Goldar’s sword and captures the other Power Rangers, who are held in a cell of Zedd’s Dimension of Doom. Jason, back at the Command Center, learns he must defeat PIPE BRAIN MONSTER (made from the Golden Pipe Tournament Trophy) before he can think about freeing the Power Rangers. He destroys PIPE BRAIN MONSTER, enters Zedd’s Dimension of Doom and wins a fierce confrontation with Goldar. Jason restores the power of the Power Rangers. Following an inspirational message from Tommy on the viewing Globe at the command center, Jason goes on to win his Karate tournament.