Rangers Back in Time (2)

Written by Shuki Levy, Shell Danielson
Directed by Terence H. Winkless
First aired February 11, 1995
Production code 230
Episode number Season 2
Episode 40
Previous episode Rangers Back in Time, Part I
Next episode The Wedding, Part I
Series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers


Young BULK and SKULL retrieve the photo in which the Power Rangers are frozen in time as children. Goldar, sent down to get the photo, is thwarted by Alpha, who arrives just in time to zap him and PHOTOMARE with a stun scanner. Alpha gets the photo back and zaps it with his MOLECULAR SCANNER. The Young Rangers are brought back to life and are dazed when Alpha tries to explain their situation to them. Meanwhile, the stun effect wears off of Goldar and PHOTOMARE. Alpha changes the Power Kids back into the Power Teens. They morph and go to fight the monsters. Tommy takes on Goldar. Zedd makes the PHOTOMARE grow, and is fought by Thundermegazord. Zedd uses the Rock of Time to summon monsters of the past to join the fight. The Rangers use the POWER CANNON to destroy the ROCK OF TIME, and Zedd is foiled again.