The Great Bookala Escape

Written by Judd Lynn
Directed by John Stewart
First aired November 23, 1994
Production code 239
Episode number Season 2
Episode 36
Previous episode Scavenger Hunt
Next episode Forever Friends
Series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers


Zedd wants to get his hands on BLUE LIGHTNING DIAMOND to power SERPENTERRA, which would make it invincible. The teens transport to the Control Center where Zordon tells them that the small and friendly hibernating creature inside it is from another planet. The teens vow to help him find his way home. They plan to create a decoy Bookala to trick Zedd, but Zedd sends in the WELDO MONSTER, which the teens morph and fight. Blue Ranger blasts WELDO. Goldar comes down to get BLUE DIAMOND MONSTER himself but confiscates a fake diamond instead. Zordon sends Bookala home with Zedd temporarily diverted. The teens are sad to lose their little friend. Zedd, furious the diamond is a fraud and SERPENTERRA is again powerless, creates BOOKALA MONSTER, but it can’t stand up to the Mega Thunderzord.