The Song of Guitardo

Written by Shell Danielson, Shuki Levy
Directed by Terence H. Winkless
First aired September 26, 1994
Production code 211
Episode number Season 2
Episode 11
Previous episode Welcome to Venus Island
Next episode Green No More, Part I
Series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers


While the Power Rangers are having a picnic in the park, Lord Zedd sends in THE GUITARDO, who casts a spell with his music. Zordon warns the Rangers and orders them back to the Command Center for a briefing from Alpha 5. The solution: to keep their own thoughts and never waver. But the Rangers succumb one-by-one to GUITARDO’s control, until Kimberly is the only one left. Tommy, left behind because of his ever-weakening powers, pleads with Zordon to let him help. Zordon tells Kimberly the monster must be destroyed to break the spell. With Tommy and GUITARDO engaged in one-on-one battle, Kimberly arrives with a bow and begins to play, weakening Guitardo. Tommy and Kimberly combine the Dragon Dagger and The Power Bow to destroy the GUITARDO Monster and break the spell.

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