The Wedding (1)

Written by Shuki Levy, Shell Danielson
Directed by Shuki Levy
First aired February 13, 1995
Production code 241
Episode number Season 2
Episode 41
Previous episode Rangers Back in Time, Part II
Next episode The Wedding, Part II
Series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers


Mr. Kaplan announces to the class that Angel Grove High School has been chosen as teen exchange speakers to represent the United States in Australia. The teens are naturally thrilled: it’s also perfect timing because Zedd needs to restore his energies and will be out of commission for a while. But the diabolical Rita Repulsa, who has escaped from her space dumpster, has big plans for both Zedd and the Power Rangers. With Finster’s help, she creates a love potion to make Zedd fall madly in love with her. Next, she reprograms Alpha, who silences Zordon and lures the Rangers into an abandoned theatre, where they are confronted by several of Rita’s monsters. Things look bleak as Zedd is administered the love potion and the Rangers are up to their necks in monsters.