When is a Ranger Not a Ranger?

Written by Judd Lynn
Directed by Jonathan Tzachor
First aired November 15, 1994
Production code 235
Episode number Season 2
Episode 31
Previous episode Mirror of Regret
Next episode Rocky Just Wants to Have Fun
Series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers


Zedd uses Adam’s kaleidoscope to make SCATTERBRAIN MONSTER, which leaves the Rangers minus their memories. The Power Rangers take prisms to the park to counteract SCATTERBRAIN, which is terrorizing the town. When all seems lost, Bulk and Skull jump out from behind the bushes, grab the prisms and taunt the SCATTERBRAIN MONSTER until it fires a ray towards them. Bulk and Skull pull their prisms from behind their backs but at the last second, they run. The ray hits the prisms and the deflecting light showers the Rangers, causing their images to break up, reassemble, and return to normal. The Rangers call on Ultra Megazord and they defeat the monster. The Rangers are grateful to Bulk and Skull for saving their lives. Fortunately, Bulk and Skull have no recollection of the event.