White Light (2)

Written by Shuki Levy, Shell Danielson
Directed by Jonathan Tzachor
First aired October 18, 1994
Production code 218
Episode number Season 2
Episode 18
Previous episode White Light, Part I
Next episode Two for One
Series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers


The Power Rangers continue to battle the Nimrod. Billy advises they bail out, since he can’t give them a power boost from the Command Center’s computers. The Power Rangers do not take Billy’s new Power Ranger revelation well, because they believe Tommy deserved to receive the new powers. Summoned by Alpha and Zordon to the Command Center, the White Ranger majestically descends down. And — surprise — the White Ranger is Tommy! The White Ranger has a WHITE TIGER ZORD and a talisman weapon called the Saba. His powers can never be taken away by evil forces. The Power Rangers, especially Kimberly, are ecstatic. The Power Rangers morph out, battle the SCARLET SENTINEL (which has now multiplied) and emerge victorious.