A Different Shade of Pink (2)

Written by Doulgas Sloan
Directed by Bob Radler
First aired November 7, 1995
Production code 324
Episode number Season 3
Episode 24
Previous episode A Different Shade of Pink, Part I
Next episode A Different Shade of Pink, Part III
Series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers


Katherine rushes Kim to the hospital. She confesses her past and Kim understands that it was not Katherine’s fault. She was under Rita and Zedd’s horrible spell. Rita and Zedd are angry at the loss of their pawn, and send the GARBAGE MOUTH monster down to capture Katherine. The Rangers call on the Shogunzords and defeat the monster. Enraged even further, Rita and Zedd threaten to toss Ninjor into the Sea of Sorrow, unless the Rangers hand Katherine over to them at once.

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