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The Sound of Dischordia

Written by Stewart St. John
Directed by Marco Garibaldi
First aired November 25, 1995
Production code 332
Episode number Season 3
Episode 32
Previous episode Master Vile and the Metallic Armor, Part III
Next episode Rangers in Reverse
Series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers


Katherine and Aisha decide to enter the school song competition. This gives Zedd the idea to call on his old friend, DISCHORDIA, an evil creature with a powerful voice. Master Vile wants to get in the act and instructs Dischordia of the plan. Dischordia confronts the Pink and Yellow Rangers and gains control over their bodies with her voice. She is just about to force them to hand over their Power Coins when they deploy the Metallic Armor. The Armor deflects Dischordia’s voice and her spell is broken. Rita and Zedd make her grow and the Rangers call on the Ninja Megazord, the Shogun Megazord and the Falconzord to battle the creature. Dischordia is vanquished and the girls win the song contest.