Original Pink Ranger Would Love To Direct A Reunion Movie

With Hasbro now owning the Power Rangers franchise, many have wondered if a Mighty Morphin reunion might be in the cards. If it happens, one of the original Rangers would love to direct it.

That would be original Mighty Morphin Pink Ranger Amy Jo Johnson, who played the part of Kimberly Hart during the show’s first three seasons as well as made appearances in the three Power Rangers films. Johnson’s gone on to direct her own movies since then, and she seems quite game to direct a Ranger reunion movie if it happens.

“I would love that,” Johnson told Metro. “I was trying to get them to let me direct one of the episodes when they were in New Zealand. We were slowly getting there but it didn’t pan out, but I would love that. I think that would be amazing.”

That last bit is a bummer too, as there are plenty of fans who would love to have seen her in the director’s chair for one of Ninja Steel or Super Ninja Steel’s episodes.

In any case, getting her on board to direct a full reunion movie would more than make up for it, and original Blue Ranger David Yost has also expressed interest in helping to make it happen when the idea came up.

The Ranger fandom has always expressed interest in getting the original group back together for a series or project, as those who used t be fans of the original series are now all grown up. For Johnson, it has been nice to have those fans support her creator-owned projects as well, like her first feature film The Space Between last year.

“I found that most of the supporters on the [crowdfunding] campaign are 28, 29, 30, and they had grown up watching ‘Power Rangers,'” Johnson says. “It’s really nice to have this built-in support system as I’m transitioning my career.”

Johnson’s next project will be a film titled Tammy’s Always Dying, which will film later this year.

Original article , Matthew Mueller

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