Ecocyte Pearl

The Ecocyte Pearl was a giant submerged pearl located at the bottom of the ocean which could summon the Oysterizer monster.
First seen An Oyster Stew
Last seen An Oyster Stew
Series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

The Ecocyte Pearl

Observing that Zack was in love and wanted to buy pearls for Angela, Goldar suggested that Rita call upon the Ecocyte Pearl to unleash the Oysterizer. Goldar stated that they could pollute the seas and take over the world.

The giant pearl
The giant pearl

The Ecocyte Pearl appeared to be a gigantic, glittering pearl, housed within a shell amongst the reef and rocks. The pearl appeared to pulsate with light.

Using her magic alter, Rita received the Oysterizer in her crystal ball. The Oysterizer brought with it the Pearls of Stillness, which caused Angela and the other patrons of the French restaurant she was in to become motionless.

Megazord destroys the pearl
Megazord destroys the pearl

Pursuing the Oysterizer underwater in the Megazord, the Rangers found the Pearl at the bottom of the ocean. Using the Megazord’s cranial laser, the Rangers were able to destroy the Pearl, enraging the Oysterizer. [MMPR1: “An Oyster Stew“]