Lightning Diamond

The Lightning Diamond was a rare, powerful source of energy used to fuel the Bookala’s spaceship and was coveted by Lord Zedd. 
First seen The Great Bookala Escape
Last seen The Great Bookala Escape
Series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Bookala’s Lightning Diamond

The Lightning Diamond was the power source for the Bookala’s spaceship. Bookala crashed his ship in Angel Grove while being pursued by Lord Zedd and Goldar in Serpentera. Zedd desired the Lightning Diamond as he could use it as infinite power source for Serpentera, making it invincible.

Bookala's Lightning Diamond
The Lightning Diamond on the spaceship

When the Rangers recovered the spacecraft and brought it to the Command Center, Zordon instructed them to place the Lightning Diamond in the hands of the hibernating Bookala, who was resting in the cockpit of his ship. When Bookala was exposed to the diamond, he was reanimated and grew to normal size in a shower of glowing sparkles.


The Great Bookala Escape

In order to allow Bookala to escape Earth, Aisha proposed that they create a fake Bookala to distract Zedd. Adam created a decoy Lightning Diamond which the Rangers allowed to be stolen by Goldar, which he inserted into Serpentera’s power grid.

The Great Bookala Escape
The fake diamond in Serpentera

Meanwhile, the real Lightning Diamond was padlocked onto a chain around Bookala’s neck. Bookala used the diamond to miniaturise himself and escape in his repaired spaceship.

The Great Bookala Escape
It’s a faake!

As Goldar saw Bookala’s ship leaving Earth, he realised that the Lightning Diamond connected to Serpentera was a fake, which had now burned up and caused Serpentera’s systems to malfunction. [MMPR2: “The Great Bookala Escape“]