Power Coin Box

The Power Coin box was a magical item used by Goldar to store the Ranger’s Power Coins.
First seen Return of an Old Friend, Part I
Last seen Return of an Old Friend, Part II
Series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

The Trade

With the parents of Angel Grove, including the parents of the Power Rangers themselves captured and held in Rita Repulsa’s Dark Dimension, Goldar offered a trade to the Rangers.

The Power Coin box energized by a force field
The box energized by a force field

In exchange for their parents, the Rangers would surrender their Power Coins to Goldar. Goldar conjured a golden box inset with green gems and opened it, ready to accept the Coins.

The Rangers petitioned Zordon for advice, who advised them that he could not make the decision for them as it affected their families. Deciding that while they had been able to do a lot of good as Rangers, the right thing was to accept the deal. One by one, the Rangers placed their Coins in the box. Goldar snapped the box shut, declaring that he had no intention of releasing their parents and in fact intended to ensure that Rita would rule the world. [MMPR1: “Return of an Old Friend, Part I“]


Recapturing the coins

Jason asked Tommy to use the only Power Coin they had left- the Coin of the Green Ranger. Tommy agreed and teleported to confront Goldar.

The Power Coin box is captured
The box is captured

Tommy fought a platoon of Putty Patrollers who were guarding the Power Coin box and was able to retrieve the Dragon Dagger and the Coins by breaching the protective force-field that surrounded the box. As soon as it was in Tommy’s possession, Alpha 5 teleported Tommy back to the Command Center, who dropped the box to the floor as he fell unconscious.

A short time later, Tommy’s body become electrically charged with green energy which he absorbed when he breached the force field that surrounded the Power Coin box. Alpha 5’s scans showed that this energy had also restored Tommy’s Green Ranger powers, allowing him to morph again. [MMPR1: “Return of an Old Friend, Part II“]