Singing Squash

The singing squash was a rare flowering root vegetable that possessed magical properties and was used to counteract the punk personality spell afflicting Billy and Kimberly.
First seen Power Ranger Punks
Last seen Power Ranger Punks
Series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

The Singing Squash

The singing squash was a rare root found in certain dimensional gaps. Eons ago, Zordon discovered the root in one such gap on Dramak 5. Located in a dark forest with giant mushrooms and billowing fog, the pink and red flowers of the squash indicated where the root was growing.

The Singing Squash
Zordon repels the Putty Patrol

When Rita Repulsa sent the Putty Patrol to stop Zordon, he found that he able to use the high-pitched howl emitted by the plant to repel them. The noise made by the root appeared to be distressing to all who heard it.


Root Cause

When Baboo poisoned Billy and Kimberly with a punk personality potion, Zordon revealed that the only thing that could reverse the spell was an antidote made from the sap of the singing squash.

Root Cause
Alpha finds the Singing Squash

Zordon sent Alpha 5 to a dimensional gap to retrieve a sample of the root. In response, Rita sent the Putty Patrol to intercept Alpha. As Zordon had first done, Alpha was able to defeat the Putty Patrol by exposing them to the noise of the singing squash.

Singing Squash Sap
The sap of the singing squash

Upon returning to the Command Center, Alpha was able to extract the dark green sap from the singing squash, and mixed it with a clear liquid for Billy and Kimberly to drink. Upon consuming the sap, the spell was broken and their personalities returned to normal. [MMPR1: “Power Ranger Punks“]