Kat Morpher

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Series Power Rangers S.P.D.

Commander Birdie offered Kat a job as Head Technician at the SPD HQ. Initially, she refused, but upon reflection decided to take a chance and transfer to SPD HQ. In her absence, the under-prepared SPD Rangers take a hammering at the hands of a new robot. When she discovered this, she decided to return to Earth to help the Rangers. Before she left, she was presented with an emergency Morpher, with only enough power to last no more than an hour. With her new Morpher in hand, she returned to Earth to foil Broodwing’s plot, and transformed into Kat Ranger.

Kat is perhaps the most agile of the SPD Rangers, and can perform a stinging Kat Stunner attack, as well as the Kat Rainbow attack. Since her Morpher only lasted an hour, she has never been able to transform again.