S.W.A.T. Mode

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Series Power Rangers S.P.D.

The Special Weapons and Tactics upgrade for the Rangers is a symbol of dedication, training and teamwork. The amour was designed by Kat, but stolen by Piggy and two of his associates.

Before the Rangers could use the armour themselves, they had to complete intensive training under the watchful eye of Sergeant Silverback, who’s no-nonsense style soon whipped them into shape.

The upgrade features a heavy-duty torso-armour, which has a slot for containing the SPD Morpher. The modifications to the Helmets include Night Vision, for missions in dark environments, Thermo Vision, for tracking criminals with stealth capabilities, and Spectra Vision, which can allow the Rangers to see through solid objects.

The Rangers main weapon in S.W.A.T. Mode is the Delta Enforcer, a twin-barrelled shotgun Blaster that can interface with both the SPD Morphers and the Containment Cards.