Delta Megazord (SPD)

The Delta Megazord is the combined force of the five Delta Runners. When fully formed, it becomes a powerful sentinel sized mecha, heavily armed, with even heavier firepower. The Zord is capable of stealth patrol, Bullet Time evasive manoeuvres and features a varied arsenal.

Delta Squad Megazord is equipped with a powerful Handgun Blaster. The Blaster has various color coded features- the Red barrel fires lasers, the Yellow barrel fires Restrictive Crime Scene tape, and the Blue barrel can fire water blasts.

Delta Megazord is also equipped with a standard Sword, which can be charged up to perform a powerful slash attack. For arrests, thee Megazord can use a set of monster-sized, criminal-shrinking handcuffs.

In Megazord Mode, Delta Runner 5 can be used as a Judgement Scanner, like those found on the Morphers. If a suspect is found guilty, the Rangers bring it down to size by charging the Megazord Blaster, which weakens the monster enough to trap it in a Containment Card.