Magi Staff

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Series Power Rangers Mystic Force

The Magi Staff is the common weapon of each of the Rangers. Each staff is identical apart from the jewel on the tip, which resembles the symbol of each Ranger. The Magi Staff is usually held in the holster attached to the Rangers belt. The Magi Staff is capable of channelling magical energy from the Rangers to perform a powerful blast attack, as well as cast spells.

What makes the the Magi Staff so unique is the ability to transform into any one of a range of weapons. Blue and Pink Rangers usually keep their staff in Staff mode, while Red Ranger uses his staff in Sword Mode, Green Ranger uses his staff in Axe Mode, with Yellow Ranger preferring Crossbow Mode. The White Rangers’ Snow Staff is slightly different to the others in that it is significantly longer than the others, and does not seem to transform.

The weapon mode of choice for the Red Ranger is Sword Mode. Just like its owner, the Red Magi Staff in Sword Mode can be infused with fire in order to perform powerful flame attacks. The Yellow Ranger favours the Magi Staff in Crossbow Mode. Just as the Red Ranger can use his elemental power to perform special attacks with his sword, so can the Yellow Ranger use his natural manipulation of lightning to enhance his Magi Staff in Crossbow Mode. The Green Ranger usually uses his Magi Staff in Axe Mode. This close combat weapon is not only dangerous to near-range enemies, but long-range as well, thanks to its ability to perform magical woodland attacks, utilising vines, roots and branches.