Dino Dagger

The Dino Dagger is the short-bladed form of the Chromafury Saber, the weapon of the Dino Fury Rangers.
First seen Destination Dinohenge
Last seen Destination Dinohenge
Series Power Rangers Dino Fury

In 2021, Void Knight infiltrated Dinohenge on a mission to steal the Sporix vault. During this attack, the Red Dino Fury Ranger was awakened from his stasis chamber and soon attempted to defend the base from Void Knight’s assault. The Red Ranger fought against Void Knight using his Chromafury Saber but was unable to act quickly enough to defeat him. During the confrontation, the Red Ranger transformed his Chromafury Saber into a short-bladed weapon called the Dino Dagger.

The Dino Dagger possesses the same handle and cross guard as the full-sized Chromafury Saber. The long serrated blade of the saber was replaced with a short, thick blade. The Red Ranger threw the dagger through the air at the Void Knight who was able to bat it away with his sword. The rebounding dagger then knocked the Sporix vault from the hands of two Hengemen, causing it to fall to the floor, releasing the creatures inside. [PRDF: “Destination Dinohenge”]