This weekend Seattle will hold Amazon’s Mobile Masters and fans will be treated as professional e-sports athletes will be playing Power Rangers: Legacy Wars live on stage.Professional e-sports players are gathering in Seattle this weekend as Amazon’s Mobile Masters kicks off. The world’s top Power Rangers: Legacy Wars players will all be hoping to claim the $20,000 prize after a week of stressful and intense video game battles.

What’s exciting is that just before the final match of the tournament, Street Fighter professional e-sports athletes will go head to head live on stage against professional Power Rangers: Legacy players in an attempt to beat them at their own game. So who’s showing up to play?

On the Street Fighter side of things, e-sports athletes Justin Wong (Seven-time EVO World Champion), Filipino Champ (Ryan Ramirez, 2012 EVO World Champion), and Marn (Martin Phan, Tatsunoko vs. Capcom EVO Champion) will be holding it down.

Fighting back against the Street Fighter crew is Peter Sudarso, the current Red Ranger, who also happens to be a top 20 finisher in the Power Rangers Legacy Wars Anniversary Tournament. Joining him will be Jonathon Snow, Hyper RPG Tournament Champion and Runner-Up in Mobile Masters 2017 for Power Rangers: Legacy Wars, and DTPNIGHT7 (Aaron Zollicoffer), who made Top 8 in Mobile Masters 2017 for Power Rangers: Legacy Wars.

Original article, Joseph Ghragheer

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