A Pressing Engagement

Written by Jeff Deckman, Ronnie Sperling
Directed by Adrian Carr
First aired September 9, 1993
Production code 104
Episode number Season 1
Episode 4
Previous episode Teamwork
Next episode Different Drum
Series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers


Jason is trying to beat an old bench pressing record which actually belongs to Bulk the punk. He fails due to a spell, cast by Rita, which makes Jason weaker. His friends try to cheer him up, but friends cannot help you beat a bench pressing record, you have to do that by yourself. Rita pits Jason against her new monsters the Sphinx, and Goldar, by transporting them to the desert, while the rest of the Power Rangers are busy fighting Putties.

The team, minus Jason, are transported back to the base where Zordon tells them that the only way to help Jason is to transport their power crystals to him. Jason receives the crystals and uses them to transform the Megazord and destroy the Sphinx. Jason realizes that they could not have done it without the help of all of them. As friends they achieved their goal.