Football Season

Written by Cheryl Saban
Directed by Terence H. Winkless
First aired May 9, 1994
Production code 158
Episode number Season 1
Episode 58
Previous episode Second Chance
Next episode Mighty Morphin Mutants
Series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers


Tommy is not sure if he is good enough to try out for football, and is afraid to let his father down, after all, is father was an All-Star Quarterback. Rita plans a football game of her own with the Putties and the “Rhino Blaster”. While Tommy is at practice, the Rangers are set for a nasty match, but Rhino Blaster blows a mist on them that sends them into another dimension. Tommy is their only hope. Tommy and his Dragonzord battle the Rhino which has now increased in size. The only way to save them is to throw the Dragondagger into the multidimensional mist. If it doesn’t work, Tommy will lose the Dragondagger forever. Tommy throws the Dragondagger into the mist. An angry Rhino charges towards Tommy, when just in the nick of time, the Megazord appears. The Megazord and Dragonzord battle and blow up the Rhino causing Rita major grief. Back at the Youth Center, when the names of the football team are read, not only has Tommy made the football team, but he is also the star quarterback.