Itsy Bitsy Spider

Written by Steve Kramer
Directed by Robert Hughes
First aired October 12, 1993
Production code 120
Episode number Season 1
Episode 23
Previous episode The Trouble with Shellshock
Next episode The Spit Flower
Series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers


Billy and Trini are gathering petitions to save the Forest Spirit Statue of Angel Grove Park from demolition by the city. Rita steals the statue and replaces it with a replica to hide her latest monster, the eight legged Spidertron. She also releases some butterflies which spread a powder that makes everyone who comes in contact with it fall asleep. The first victims of the butterflies are Zack’s karate class. When Zack discovers his class asleep in the youth center, he calls for help. The butterflies become aware of his presence and chase him all the way to the park.

When he arrives at the park he sees the Spidertron slowly coming out of the statue and stares in horror. Zack is extremely arachnophobic. Zack takes Spidertron on with his Dinozard. Jason comes to Zack’s aid with his Tyrannosaurus Zord, but they both run into difficulty defeating Spidertron. Tommy is summoned to assemble the Mega Dragonzord. It is equipped with a lethal spinning wand which attacks Spidertron and destroys it.